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06 October 2005 @ 02:26 am
Ok, so I am like a horrible journaler, I admit it. Is journaler even a word? I don't know, I do know blogger is a word, so I am a horrible blogger. I just have been to busy doing tons of phone sex at The Kitty Kat Club and Fuck Toy Phone Sexthis past year that I haven't been updating my journal. Everything under the sun I have done, from figging, to extreme role play, incest, rape play, being a slutty stripper and an innocent babysiter, and everything in between. I am having a fucking blast. Plus I plan on updating this thing more, no, really I do, cause some of my regulars want me to write about the calls I have had with them and things of that nature. So for now, I will just leave you with a pic, if that is ok with you guys?

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08 September 2004 @ 08:40 am
So, the past month or so has really taken off at http://www.thekittykatclub.com and http:///fucktoyphonesex.com is really starting to pick up. I swear, Im having a blast sucking and fucking my way through every fucking state in the country and some freaking canadians too. I fucking love this job. I have quite a few regular customers. I met a wonderful gentleman from WA that loves me so much hes been sending me poetry and love notes on a daily basis. He even sent me a nice opal bithstone necklace, just out of the fucking blue. Isnt that fucking crazy? I could kiss him. I also met a guy from VA that calls me for hours on end. I never thaught a guy would buy that two hour call, its just so long, well the fucker has bought three so far, Im in heavan. Spoil me boys, I really like it.

I have a naughty panty boy that likes to dress up like my fucking twin sister in all my clothing. I call her Adore. Isnt that cute, love and adore, twin sisters. I get her all dressed up in hip hugger jeans and low cut tub tops and we go and fuck all the boys. We tag team them, I even sit on her face and hold her ankles so that she can get a nice thick dick in that asshole.

Ive also got a hot fuck that likes to hold me flat down on the bed, get on top of me and pound my cunt while squeezing my huge breast so hard it hurts.

I also have a caller that likes me to ride him, so he can watch my "jugs" bounce as I ride him like a cowboy. I told him next time I would have my black cowboy hat ready and spurs, If Im gonna do it, Im gonna do it right.

If you like my journal, call me and let me know, if you are a special boy, Ill write you in it.

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01 August 2004 @ 07:38 pm
I didn't even know I had a journal. I promise I will update it in the next couple of days. I just wanted you guys to know have lots of naughty stuff to put in here and will probably blow your mind a couple times....giggle....or maybe make you blow something else. Im on www.thekittykatclub.com and on the new site www.fucktoyphonesex.com LoL, Im the filler on fucktoyphonesex, so im on it a lot. I hope to fuck you guys soon. Ciao